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One of the fastest ways to have your message board or forum start hopping with visitors is using post exchanges. A post exchange is where you can post a request to have members visit your board and post in the topics areas. In exchange, you go to their board and post the same number. It has really been effective on my boards.

Post exchange forum


Tips for using a Post Exchange

1. If you start reading the exchange offers and you find one that looks good, don't immediately respond to the request. Click on the link to their message board and see if it has content you would be intelligently able to reply to. If you don't believe you can relate to the posts or interests of that particular board, don't accept the offer. No one wants a bunch of unrelated posts on their board. If it looks like something you can relate to, by all means accept the offer.

2. Register on their forum immediately after you respond to their request to exchange. This lets them know you are willing, but do not post anything until they accept your reply. Then once they respond, go ahead and place the posts you agreed to give them on their board.

Post exchange forum

3. When making your own offer, make sure to provide a link to your site with the url to your site along with what ratio of posts you are offering. Then, when someone replies, they will have all the information they need to exchange posts with you. Let the members now exactly what you are looking for in an exchange. How many posts you want to exchange, and how long you'd like the process to take place along any other stipulations or comments you want them to know.

4. The last suggestion is that you do what you say you are going to do. Always make sure that your reputation for honesty stays intact. Also be patient. The one you are negotiating with may not be online while you are waiting for your response. Give them time and be polite about the matter. You can't expect them to work on your timetable if they are also exchanging posts with others.

Post exchange forum